Rent My Skill Club

Getting the best from Rent My Skill
When you start a new company, there are always fears of hiring the wrong people. In some cases, you can also hire the right people, but suddenly they decide to quit along the way. Even if all these are not your headaches, you have the puzzle of dealing with agents. They don't offer a free service. You have to part away with some money for every service you receive from them.
All these challenges are a thing of the past when you are dealing with Rent My Skill Club.
You come here and you will find the right people are waiting for you. You will find them ready to do the job. Let us try to get more into how the club works and what it has been up to.

A club that delivers on the promise
If you are an employer looking for quality employees, you have a wide variety to choose from. In fact, some of the best workers are right here ready to start immediately. In case you have been disappointed with agents that charge heavily and fail to deliver, here you are safe. You have no third party to deal with, it is a club that allows each employee to show their credibility. As you check on your potential employee, you will enjoy looking at their work history on the platform. This will indicate to you whether you need to go ahead or abandon the mission. But you can be rest assured that Rent My Skill does not disappoint. You will find the quality employees you are looking for.
If you are a skilled person looking for a genuine employer, the club is the right place to start from. You will not only find the right employer, but you also have the right to determine your rating. The idea is that you are offering quality labour, skills and services. They should be appreciated by your employer.

How does the feedback system work?
There is no need to over-emphasise the importance of feedback in this arrangement. It is mandatory on the platform to give feedback at the end of a contract. This will allow the hired person to build a profile which others will check and decide how to proceed with them. This is very important even for making comparisons between skilled workers. If you have put that rating on your profile, future employers will know how you have fared. By looking at your work history, it will become easy to decide about what to do next.
The beauty of mandatory feedback on this platform is that it is not one way. It works both ways. This means that even your employer should receive feedback from you. This works well to make sure that in future, an employee wishing to secure a job will see the history. The whole system protects both parties.

How do payments work?
Getting paid should have even come on top of the list. After all, what is the essence of working if you can't be paid? The arrangement for payments has been working very well and there is no doubt that it is the best so far. As long as you get hired here, you are assured of getting your payment every 14 days. You can set your own hourly rate , or choose to be paid by the job.

If you are an employer, you are also going to be ready to appreciate the skills of your hired worker by paying them. In other words, if you are not satisfied, you will indicate right in time. The feedback will show why you have decided to withhold your pay or change the terms of the initial contract. The assurance is that this is one platform where both parties are protected. It does not favour the employer or the employee. the club promotes a situation where both parties walk away satisfied and happy.

How do I get the right employee?
This is a big question and always requires careful attention. Hiring the right employee requires that you take your time. You have an option of conducting your own interview and making sure that you stipulate what you want. In other words, you will assess if the person has the skills you are looking for.
But even before you go that far, you can also make a quick background check. The platform will have some feedback you can check out and make your decision. Anyway, what you are going to find under the feedback is only meant to give you a quick guide. You will need to get down and find out for yourself. You can even include professional networks where possible.
If you are an employee, you can also check the background your potential employer. You will see the track record and how others who were hired in the past worked with him.

Selling your skills with pride
This is the advantage you will find on this platform. You have no need of running around an looking for employment. The employer will find you here and you will sale your skills smoothly. After each successful period, you receive your pay and continue putting in your best. Your employer will also indicate how appreciative they are of your labour.

Rent My Skill is the place to be for potential employers and employees. The platform is there to make sure that both parties walk away smiling and happy