Creating of CV, CL and LinkedIn profile

If you are in a need of CV, CL, LinkedIn profile or any other online job searching platform profile, I am offering you my services of making one!
I am in this business for a long time now and I do it not only because of the money but it makes me happy to help people to find new opportunities.
If you need confirmation of quality of my works you can get it on demand!
Services that I offer are:
Package 1: Creating of CV
Package 2: Creating of CV and CL
Package 3: Creating of LinkedIn profile
ADDITIONALY TO THIS, there is a special offer coming from 21/06/2021 and you can register for it from the same date. I am offering Package 2 for the price of Package 1!
This action is active from 21/06/2021 until 01/08/2021!
To register for any of this options you can contact me directly in messenger or at my email:
Thank you!