Etrade . How to Become an Etrader

Welcome to the financial market, take your laptop and start to study the most significant companies from all over the world.

The first step to invests in the stock exchange is to understand what trading is. It doesn't matter if you are starting to invest day by day, or you want to invest in the long term; you always have to understand this first. The person that works on the stock exchange is called trader invested, where the main goal is to buy and sell shares. The trader is looking for profit from sell and buys shares. On the stock exchange, trade or trading is the action to buy and sell actives in the short term. The person that works with business has to stay alert to make the negotiation at the best moment. The trader buys and sells shares aiming for profit. For trading, you have to analyze the market for years. To work in this market, you should study a lot. For example, a company wants to invest in a small business, and you know that this little business can increase. Then, you can buy some shares from this company because if it supports a tiny business, you will have profit. Imagine you invested 10,000 dollars in this company, and they have a yield of about 10% (ten percent), you share the profits with the company. And you can take 1,000 dollars in your bank account. But if they don't buy the shares and the company loses money, it happens to you.

Find the types of trades.

There are two types of trades on the stock exchange the day trade and swing trade. The day trade is when the transactions happen on the day that you deal with your investment. The swing trade can get along the days or weeks.

Learn about the financial market

The financial market is so dynamic. Then if you want to work with it, you have to study a lot. You don't need to be a graduate person, but you have to learn about finances. Nowadays you can find a lot of courses and videos that help you to learn a lot.

Choose the right person.

Nowadays with the internet, you can find many information and people that want to teach about this market. But you have to think about the qualities that you want to reach. Try to make a network, look for information from the internet. Study about the people that have succeeded in this business.

Understand the type of analysis

Before you start to work with trading, you have to analyze the market. There are two types of analyses: Technical and fundamentalist.

The technical analysis is divided into two: Empiric is the ancient method where you
observe the repetitiveness facts and demonstrate certain reliability. And statistics from nowadays, where you make some graphics about the evolution of the market along the time.

The fundamentalist is when you study current and future prices’ perspectives, observing the company’s financial health and management.

Choose your brokerage firm.

At this moment, you have to understand all the transactions that you want to make. Search for a company that can make your life easier in the beginning. Search for that brokerage firm where they have low rates and can please you on your goals.

Take care with emotions.

The stock exchange is a dangerous world. You have to be highly rational. Put your emotions aside. If you be emotional, you can risk your money before any decision, reason.

Learn is the best way.

Take care with the ego. You must know that when you are working with finances, you can take a wrong decision every time, then be humble when someone tells you something. Take the advice and analyze if they are right. Always analyze the bits of advice. Remember, the financial market is so dynamic.

Don’t forget the future.

When you are thinking about live this trade life, you have to think about the future. You have to make some long-term investments because today ends at midnight. Don’t forget.

Every day is “the” day.

The financial market nowadays changes every minute. Then if you don’t study every day, you can lose a lot of money. All the time, you must read the news, the economic section of the news. The spreadsheet is your best friend in this world.

Read books of people that reach the rich life on the financial market

Warren Buffet, Geoge Soros, Phillip Fisher, and others are people that you have to read about it. But remember their life is different from yours. Take the good things that you think will help your journey on this market.


Enter the financial market thinking about earning a lot of money is the biggest mistake you can make. Actually, the trader has to concentrate on learning more and more. The more you learn, the more money you can earn. You must understand that money is the consequence of your job, not the objective. If your focus is on the money and only on it, you can lose more than you can afford.