PC, Mac, and computer support or help.

PC, Mac, and computer support or help.

Have been in IT since the 90s. If you need help with your computer(S), then we'll do it locally at a half hour, hour rate.

We take in work, or can come to you. Where we come to you, and we assume local, travel time may be chargeable.
If the work will take an extended time beyond this, I'll quote you an all in cost.

If the work is security work -
Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, we can work on such cases but please understand these are time consuming. We will discuss these with you prior to charging.

Normally an initial assessment of your issue will be the half hour rate. After that, it's the hourly rate + parts.

Help can include upgrades, looking at software issues, installation of software.
If you have component failures, or need actual hardware fixes such as power circuit repair, or soldering, this isn't what we do sadly, but I'd be able to make suggestions.