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How it works


How it works

You have a skill that can be charged for per hour
You join our free Rent My Skill Club
You complete your profile with account details of where you want payments deposited and other necessary information for hirers to find you and offer you work.

Once approved you can then complete one or more of the skills that you’d like to rent under “Service Offering ”.  Then enter your gross hourly rate. Typically one agency pays £15 per hour to the temp but charges £24 to the hirer, so using this club you save the hirer money too, win-win.

Any other skills that you want to offer club members should be listed separately

Once a hirer offers a temp contract to you, you can enter a dialogue with them, agreeing times and dates for the agreement or, if it clashes or does not suit you, refusing this particular offer. 

If you accept the job then the contract is sealed when the money is transferred to our finance partner “Stripe” following acceptance by the hirer that the job is complete for that day. “Stripe” hold the money for 14 days to make sure there are no disputes, then the funds are transferred to you less our 12% administration charges

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How it works for a Skilled Member

You have skills or expertise and you want to temporarily offer your services for a fair rate of pay, but how do you do it? You could sign up with a temporary agency of course, they do a great job but they tell you how much you will get per hour, they then charge the hirer a large percentage as their commission, you get what’s left.

RentMySkill™ Club is very different. We work with you to enhance your take home pay and give you more flexibility! We also reduce the costs for the hirer by charging minimal admin charges per transaction. You certainly win and they win too!

We are also different in that we have a “reputation system” that means you have to give a rating for every job you do and they rate you too; this makes our club a very safe place to provide and receive skilled services! As your reputation grows, there will be more hirers that want to have you help them. Equally a great hirer rating will be very attractive to you as well, won’t it?

How it works for a Hiring Member

If you are a business with an occasional need for temporary staff, it can be a real headache to fill these roles with high quality, motivated and skilled workers can’t it? You are in a difficult situation, where you have a problem that needs solving now, and you end up paying over the odds, taking a chance on unknown workers to fill the temporary gap.

Coming out of shutdown, it is getting ever more difficult to fill these roles due to a UK wide shortage of skilled workers

Skilled workers also now want a better deal, one that recognises their value to hiring companies and individuals.

We have the perfect solution that does not cost you any more money, but improves the return that your temporary skilled colleagues get from their efforts, a real win-win for both of you.