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This is a place to rent services with the other members of the marketplace.

Benefits for our Skilled Members

  • Better rates of pay than using an agency, using your valuable time in the most effective way possible

  • You set your own hourly rate and value, it’s never dependent on the agency

  • Improve your exposure to potential work by using RentMySkill™ Club

  • Requirement to leave feedback after each booking that works both ways, protecting the worker and the hirer, creating a safer community

  • You choose to accept or reject any job offer if it doesn’t appeal to you, for any reason

  • Maintain your independence as a valued Skilled Member of our community

  • Work when you want to, have time off when you want to, no pressure to accept a job. We don’t penalise you if you reject jobs.

  • As you know, agencies will stop offering if you turn away jobs, we never do!

  • Our community will help you to improve your work-life balance

  • Get paid in 7 working days , no more chasing outstanding invoice payments

  • Never miss a great opportunity to work again, build your valuable feedback and enhance your professional reputation within the community

  • Based on your feedback and reputation a fresh hirer already knows who you are, even before you arrive (that’s not the case with an agency)

  • Short-term or longer-term gig, it’s always your choice

  • Build real customer loyalty with our transparent rating system

  • Works just like Ebay, but instead of selling goods, you are renting your skills and expertise to people who appreciate you

  • Sign up to gain access to our club. After your account activation is complete, you can start getting connected with hiring members later today!

Benefits for our Hiring Members

  • Lower costs than using an agency

  • Coupled with better hourly rates for your temporary staff, improves their motivation & morale, a real win-win

  • Requirement to give feedback on skilled member after each task, so they must perform well to boost their rating

  • Large pool of potential motivated Skilled Workers ready and willing to work with you to solve your problem

  • We get just the right person for the job, just when you need them

  • We will become your trusted source for temporary Skilled Workers, a real trusted partner

  • You choose to employ a member based on their professional profile and RentMySkill™ ratings, you will know about the person arriving and they will want to make a great impression (rather like Uber)

  • The Skilled person will arrive, they have a reputation to protect, making “no shows” a thing of the past!

  • An agency worker has no reputation to protect and doesn’t know you either, therefore sometimes has little invested in delighting you

  • Maintain your independence from expensive agencies, hire just when you want to, without any irritating phone calls when you don’t

  • Fill any gaps with motivated, professional and skilled staff just when you want them

  • Pay Skilled Member for each shift worked, so no potential cashflow issues

  • Payment is made to the Skilled Member by credit card via Stripe so you get up to 52 days before your payment is actually taken from your bank account, the worker gets paid in days

  • Never miss another opportunity to have the right staff in place to solve your problem or to serve your clients or customers

  • Short term or long-term gig, you choose on a rolling daily basis, agreed as with the Skilled Member.

  • Build temporary staff loyalty with our transparent rating system, they will want to come and work for you!